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Charlie X Angus

Here is our first litter in awhile. We have several puppies available out of this litter.  There was 1 Blue Merle Female, 2 Blue Merle Males, 1 Black Bi Female, and 4 Black Males. Here's to the boys in this litter. They should be tough real world dogs that will work cattle all day. Contact us for more info. 

grey puppy.jpg

Grey - Black Bi Male
- Sold

yellow pup.jpg

Yellow - Black Bi Male
- Sold


Pink - Black Bi Female - Sold

green pup.jpg

Green - Black Bi Male - Sold

blue pup.jpg

Blue - Blue Merle Male - Sold

orange-grey pup.jpg

Orange - Blue Merle Male - Sold

purple pup.jpg
blue pup.jpg

Purple - Blue Merle Female- Sold

Blue - Black Bi Male - Sold

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