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Welcome to Cedar Hills Angus Ranch. We hope You Find What You are Looking For. 

We are a small family run operation that specializes in Angus Cattle, Replacement Heifers, American Quarter Horses, and Working Australian Shepherd dogs. Our Angus cattle are smaller framed cows that are able to go out and survive on minimal inputs while still producing a good calf. We keep the efficiency while maintaing weight. So many people think you have to sacrifice weight for height and we don't believe that. These are forage efficient, extremely maternal cattle that will help make any operation more cost effecient. We measure our success by pounds per acre not calf per acre. Our mothers produce calves that can go to the feed lot and preform as well as heifers that become some of the best in your herd with quality feet, soundness, and udder.  Our replacement heifers are are both crossbred and registered. The crossbred heifers are bred with the same traits and care as the registered stock. They almost all started out as  registered stock and we added a little highbred vigor for our commercial guys who want a little more punch. We want them to be forage efficient, maternal, and able to raise a calf that makes money. In todays market a heifer that requires little extras helps your bottom line. Fertility and maternal traits are a must for our cattle. 

While we not as active as we used to be on the show front, our horses are bred to work. They will make excellent ranch, rodeo, roping or barrel horses. We don't raise many, but those we do have will be great prospects. Our roots have always been in working horses and we've decided to come back to it. As always we believe that good minds, solid conformation, and athletic ability will take our horses whichever direction they are pointed.  Visit our Horse page to see what we have to offer. 

Finally, we raise tried and true working Australian shepherds. We first fell in love with Aussies with our old female Dottie. As much as she is still loved, she was just our pet. She loved to fetch and play ball. Rooster came next and while he failed at being a cow dog, he's still dearly loved and is one of the best dogs we've ever had. We decided that we needed real  help with the cattle and good dogs. We  looked really heard before finding a true working Aussie kennel that combined not only great working lines but conformation and outstanding pedigrees. Max and JoJo are our two current Aussies. Both are tough workers that are easy to train and learn faster than I can teach them. They are exactly what we want and we couldn't get along without them.  Visit our Litter page to see up coming and current litters. 

Andy, Kayla, Newton, and Emma Smidt
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Building Family, Cattle, and Herdsmanship One Cow At a Time. Here's to the Memories and Fun Along the way. 



Tel. 402-469-9429

Tel. 402-469-3214

87583 S. Pine Ave

Long Pine, NE 69219



Call for an appointment. We'd love to set up a time to show you everything we have. 



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