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We didn't originally intend to have anything but angus on the place, but our daughter decided that she has a passion for the white ones, and I think we should always encourage our children and help them achieve their dreams. So, we've embarked on a great adventure and added the white cattle to the program and boy do they stand out. We strive for the same traits with our Charolais that we do with our Angus cattle. We want good mothers, solid feet, perfect udders, and maternal instincts that come in a little smaller more efficient package. Phenotype isn't the most important thing on our list but, it costs the same to feed a pretty one as it does one that's not so pretty, and with Emma's interest in showing we try to keep them pretty. We feel we have a great start in the white cattle and we're excited to expand on our small program and make it the best we can make it. 

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