Here's to the Bulls

OCC  X-tra Easy 089


Brutus is our clean up bull. We are small enough yet that we AI almost everything. However, just because we don't catch on AI doesn't mean we want an inferior product at the end of the summer. Brutus a smaller framed, super easy fleshing bull that has produced strong commercial females that have done well for us. He's big fronted and light on his feet. At 3 years old he's still able to cover heifers as well as cows. He never needs extras to maintain his weight and leaves the pasture looking like the day he was put in.  He is good mannered and fertile. He produces smaller calves that get up, get going, and grow. It's not unusual for his calves to outgrow the AI calves born earlier. We're very lucky to have this guy from the heart of OCC's Fleckveih program. 

OCC X-tra Easy X 1/2 Simmi Cow


Reference Sires

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SAV Resource.jpg
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