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OCC X-tra Easy X 1/2 Simmi Cow


OCC  X-tra Easy 089


Brutus is our clean up bull. We are small enough yet that we AI almost everything. However, just because we don't catch on AI doesn't mean we want an inferior product at the end of the summer. Brutus a smaller framed, super easy fleshing bull that has produced strong commercial females that have done well for us. He's big fronted and light on his feet. At 3 years old he's still able to cover heifers as well as cows. He never needs extras to maintain his weight and leaves the pasture looking like the day he was put in.  He is good mannered and fertile. He produces smaller calves that get up, get going, and grow. It's not unusual for his calves to outgrow the AI calves born earlier. We're very lucky to have this guy from the heart of OCC's Fleckveih program. 

CHAR X-tra Easy.jpg
CHAR  X-tra Easy 5611 0611

Here's a really refined bull that will really make you some pretty Heifers. He is heifer safe, and in the first two calf crops we've had from him we've had zero issues. They've come easy and vigirous. He has been 100% forage developed and has had to earn his living from day one.  I really really like this bull and we use him as a clean up bull on our registered herd. He's good fronted,  sound and able to get out there move around and get cows bred. He has great length of spine a lot of capacity, and makes the type that will be around for years to come. He's not been pushed and is pictured with his working clothes on. He covered the whole pasture himself and all settled. He's a bull that will get the job done. The more this guy matures the more I like him. He's one that has really come on a proven himself the hard way. 

2020 Bull OCC X-tra Easy 708X X Jauer Lad 1706 5611

CHAR Revitalized 4517 2201


Revitalized is one of our up and coming bulls. Sired by Charlo and out of SAV Blackcap May 4517. Blackcap May 4517 is an own daughter of S A V Blackcap May 4136, the #1 income-producing cow in Angus breed history. 4517 had the #1 205-day weight heifer in the 2019 SAV sale. 4517 is an elite female with world-class udder quality, massive volume, power, and unsurpassed femininity rolled up into one package. We expect really big things from this guy. His maternal side is amazing, and with the Resource and Renown daughters being such sought-after producers we are hoping that he will produce heifers that are stylish and smaller framed without giving up pounds or growth. At just 6 months old he already has a presence that can't be denied, and in a field full of his counter parts he just stands out. You cannot miss him. He comes to us with a wide front end, a huge deep hip and flank and BIG feet. He drips muscle and looks as a herd sire should. We expect big things from this guy moving forward and we are hoping that he takes our angus program, specifically our cows to the next level. He really something to look forward to. 

Coleman Charlo 0256 X SAV Blackcap may 4517


SAV  Renown 3439 X SAV Emblynette 3568


CHAR Prominence 3568 2101


Prominence is another of our younger bulls that we hope will make an impact here. He is by Renown and out of SAV Emblynette 3568. 3568 is an own daughter of S A V Emblynette 3301, the model cow of the Angus breed. 3301 has generated over $2 million in direct progeny sales. 3568 is a phenotypical standout- very feminine with a picture-perfect udder. Deep-sided and long-bodied, this beautiful brood cow has all the right angles. She is a cow to build a herd around We hope that, with her maternal excellence combined with the maternal excellence of Renown, we will have a bull that will continue to produce the energy efficient cattle was strive for around here. Phenotype isn't always a great indicator of future production, but you'd be hard pressed to find a prettier bull than this calf.  This guy is everything his pedigree says he should be, stout, big footed, clean fronted, and deep in his flank. We hope to cross him on some of our OCC cows and really get to making the type of cattle we strive for. 

CHAR EZ Come EZ Go 1908 2301


EZ is a very stylish calf and is going to be our calving ease option for our heifers. He is out of our very impressive Insight daughter and by one of our homegrown X-tra Easy sons. He came small (65 lbs actual weight) and really took off and grew. He has exceptional length and comes in and extremely attractive phenotypical package. He may not have the top bloodlines of some of our above-mentioned bulls, but he ought to produce calves that come easy, grow well and have the front pasture looks to go with it. I was pleasantly surprised when we came off the trailer this fall looking like he did. This calf has been at the donor farm and so He did what he did on a dry lot ration and not a lot of extras. I asked them not to overfeed his mother as she's a bit of an easy keeper. I think this calf, when he matures out a bit, is going to be one to watch. Hes several months younger than his counter parts and he already looks the part. (Better Photos to come)

CHAR X-tra Easy 5611 0611 X Mc Crary Minnie 1908


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