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Here's a Listing of Our Finished Horses for Sale.

Good finished horses are hard to find. The things you can expect from our finished horses is that they are ready to show NOW in the disipline of our choice. They have at least one season under their belt, and we will reprsent them as honestly as we can. . Theseare horses that you can take and do the job their prepared for today. 

Blue Gold Blue 

This registered AQHA gelding  is everything you'd want of a ranch gelding.  He is tough he is gritty and he'll go anywhere you point him. He has substantial bone and is as wide as he is tall. He will rope he will drag anything you can hook to him. He'll open gates. He'll sort in an alley. He has never been arean roped off of. He is as rock solid as you can ask a gelding to be. He neck reins moves off your leg, stops on a dime packs his head nice and level and is easy to catch. He'll go where he's pointed with no hesitation.  He is truely a cowboys horse. 

His only quirk is if you don't ride him most days of the week he can and will buck. Not in the middle of your ride. He's not stupid and he isn't a cheat he's not mean, he's just a little cold backed if he sits. After he warms up a bit off he goes in his no nonsense way. If you can ride and keep ahold of him he doesn't do much more than hop around a little however if he gets away he'll get a little more western. Hes not counterfit or apiece of junk he won't try to dump you in the middle of your ride. He's just cold backed and only when he's been off. Have a steady job for him and he'll ride off fine every day all day. 

Asking 6k Open to reasonable offers.  SOLD

2007 Grey Gelding Doc Blue Hancock X Dodgin Danielle

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