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This is where you'll find all of our Prospects Currently for Sale.

Each year we raise a few élite babies. These babies are handled from day one without being spoiled or over worked.  We evaluate each and every baby that hits the ground here and price them according to tallent, progress in training and breeding. Do not hesitate to make an offer on any baby we have availiable.

Whatshername Dunit


This filly is everything we hoped her to be. A wonderful combination of old school run crossed with cow. She'll be a bigger filly. (should mature to 15.1HH), and should excel at anything you point her at. She'll chase a cow, chase some cans, rope both ends and keep her brain in tact while doing it. She's easy to get along with and learns fast. She's UTD on all shots, worming, and farrier work. She's well started under saddle and she never ceases to amaze me. She was a lanky growthy 2 year old so she mostly trailed cattle and did some arena work and  I couldn't ask for a nicer filly. She is level headed, tackles anything you point her at without complaint and is smart and willing. They really don't make them like this often. 


2018 Palomino Filly        Dunit in Platnium X I Gott MIP (Super Showcase)

Lots of Promise

This guys is a big stout gelding that has had a lot of riding on him. He has not been roped off of but has trailed cattle and done many of the other aspects of ranch work. He is BIG and STOUT. At 16HH he is a gentle giant. He has had some arena training as a western pleasure horse and is relatively solid in that aspect. He's been used to gather cattle. He stands tied. Has been bathed, stands for the farrier and has no vices. He's as good looking as you'll find one just needs more time. 



2021 Buckskin Filly  Heros Aint Famous X PVF Cartel is Coming

"Name Pending "Peanut"

This filly is going to be a big and stout as her mother and as athletic as her father. She also comes in a pretty buckskin package. She will make any type of arena horse you want to make her into. She speed and cow cross. She has some of  the top names in speed right up close in her pedigree and if barrels is your game you can't go wrong here. She'll be stout enough to make a bang up rope horse. I can't say enough good things about this filly. get her now or get beat by her later. 


Zips Blue 22

This pretty chestnut mare is only about 14.3HH, however, good things come in small packages. She's as gritty as they come and doesn't know the meaning of the word quit. She'll start in the morning and work all day for you. She has about 90 days of riding and is getting pretty solid on all her arena stuff. A lot of her riding has been out chasing cows and doing ranch work. She has drug a few calves to the fire but she's never roped out in the open. She has been used to gather cattle, help out at brandings and trail rode a ton. She ponies other horses and is just a good using horse. Currently in foal to Dunit in Platnium, a cremello son of Hollywood Dunit. UPDATE: This mare is no longer sound to ride. She had  an accident in the pasture BROODMARE SOUND ONLY.


2012 AQHA Chestnut    Zips Blue Dreamer X CF Twenty Two (Continental Fly)

Sak A Chicken

This filly is big, bay, and really well put together. She is as balanced and as pretty as you can ask for one to be. She is quiet minded and has tackled all obstacles without any fuss. She should mature at 15.1 hands or a little more, and she'll be one that will take whatever you throw at her and keep going. She is UTD on all maintenance and is currently out learning to be a horse. She will be started with some minimal ground work this summer and then turned back out to grow. In another year She'll be an impressive good looking filly that anyone would be proud of. They don't make minds like this one has every day. 



Light up Some Bud

This filly is a pretty roan filly. Her sister is our Hollywood Dun it filly and this filly is going to follow in her sisters footsteps. She's going to be approx. 15.1 at maturity and should be able to do anything you point her at. She is level headed and easy to work with. She is going to be a really unique red roan that will always stand out in a crowd. She is correctly made and is one of those fillies that is hard to come by. She has an exceptional mind and her half siblings have went on the make great family horses that excel at everything. 


2020 Roan Filly    Gotta Lotta Bud  X  I Gotta MIP

KTG colt.jpg

2018 AQHA Red Roan Colt     Kissin the Girls X Radial Art (The Radical Hour)

Kissin Strangers

This stout Roan colt is as pretty as they come. He is a great roan color and looks like a pink crayon in the summer. He is UTD on everything and as quiet as they come. He has an OCD that will be repaired in November and we will start him in the spring. He will not diapoint. He's flat legged, deep hocked, and should be ready to start his under saddle career. His price is currently discounted due to not being 100% perfect at this time and he'll always be price a little cheaper, but don't let this fool you, once fixed up he'll be as good as any of his siblings in a little cheaper package. 



"Name Pending"


This pretty bay filly is the last of an era. Her dam, Flash Tin Dancer has been one of our best producers since she arrived as a 6 year old show mare. Now 20 she's retired to the good life of babysitting and lounging in the pasture. Her sire has moved on to bigger and better things will no longer be producing babies for us, gave us one more outstanding filly. She has a ton of lift, and is a very soft and natural mover. She is quiet and currently going through baby boot camp. Her siblings have proven that they can go on and win at any level and she will be no different.     SOLD


2019 Bay Filly              League of Terms X Flash Tin Dancer

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