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Our White Girls

WC Double Tree 6027 P X BLY Miss Echo 78E

BLY Ms Frozen Echo 092H​

This is a really cool Charolais heifer. We were looking for an outcross to get some hybrid vigor for our termal commercial program, and I think this heifer is a good start. She begain life as a bucket calf and boy did she exceed everything we hoped for for her. She boasted good growth numbers and exceeded our expectations. Time will tell, but she may be one that ends up being a donor. I was and am  still grateful for the opportunity to have her. Not many breeders would've not only sold us a bucket calf but let us have the papers as well. They gave Emma her start in the white cows and we're always thankful for the opportunities we get. We're expecting a crossbred calf out of her and our X-tra Easy son. She'll be bred to DTR Mr. Brightside for a 2023 calf. We're super excited to have this opportunity. 

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BHC Ms Storm 119 P

Here is Emmas newest Char heifer. This is a really powerful heifer. She is very square hipped and has a lot of rib. She plans to show her this year and make some really pretty show babies out of her moving forward. When she's done she plans to make some really nice hybrid or seedstock cattle out of her. She may one day even earn her place in our donor pen. This heifer is a beast.This heifer will also be bred to DTR Mr. Brightside. 

EPD Here

BHC Expo 609 P X BHC Ms Impressive 8017 P

Emma win.JPG
BHC Ms Frost  148 P

This heifer is not quite a showy as her counter part but she is a good solid heifer that we plan to show first and then move her to our budding charolais program. She is super femanine and should produce some really nice solid cattle for the kids moving forward. She will be bred to LT Landmark for a 2023 calf and then the sky is the limit after that. We're excited about this cross and can't wait to see what we get. 

EPD Here

Newt and Killer Frost2.jpg

LT Patriot 9312 PLD X BHC Ms. Distance 919P

WC Milestone 5223 P X TC Ms maiden 0029 PLD

BLY Ms Kylie 212K

This a really refined heifer. She is pretty and long and has a lot to offer. She had a pretty darn tough winter and is maybe a touch smaller than we'd like her to be at this stage of the game, but she settled AI and has really come on this fall. We are excited to see what she brings to the table and with her coming from a really good program we have zero doubts that she'll soon catch up and become a cow to contend with. 

EPD Here

CHAR Ms. Storm 1107 119

This I think will by far be the best female we have on the place. She is big and stout and to top it off she was out of a heifer so as soon as she gets home on a show ration she's going to explode. She is as cute as they come. She has a long elegant front end. She is as think as her mother and her sire has added a smoothness to her that we're excited to see develop. I am sure this heifer will join her mother in the Donor pen soon. 

EPD Here

BHC Ms. Storm 119P X  DTR MR BRIGHTSIDE 1107 G2

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