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079 X Musgrave Stunner

Jauer Jupiter 5047 079


Big Momma, 079, is a beast of a cow. At just a 5 frame she isn't tall, but what she lacks in height she makes up for in sheer volume. This is a big flat topped cow who's deep in her flank wide through her base and stands on a solid foot. At 13 years old she has not only never missed for us but she's withstood the test of time and has shown no signs of slowing down. She balanced, has a nice long hip and is nearly as wide as she is tall. She didn't get the name big momma by being small. She has been an outstanding mother and even at 13 years old has an impeccable tight udder. She has been flushed to Duff Jetset and Musgrave Stunner 316. The Stunner calves have been Impressive, and the Jetset heifer has had a bit of a rough go this summer, but I think with a little time she is going to shine as well. This spring we bred her to Capitalist 316 and we are hoping he will add length without compromising her depth and power.  We have a small offering of Musgrave Stunner Embryos available for purchase by PT. We are offering this donor for sale this year. If she is not sold she will head to the donor pen one last time. 

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OCC Jupiter 671J X Jauer 1020 Honesty 3069 5047



416 X Renown. 

This is my favorite heifer to date. 

Jauer Homestead 7012 416

This cow is the definition of a belly dragger. She is BIG bodied, deep flanked, and flat topped. She's good on her feet and nice and quiet. She stacks the great OCC bulls Emblazon, Paxton and Anchor up close in her pedigree. She's as efficient as they come. She's not quite the beast of a cow that our 079 cow is but she has a ton of volume, is efficient and maintains a more feminine profile.  She was flushed to SAV Renown and Recall2. She is carrying a salute calf for a spring delivery. Since she's newer to the program I'm going to do some more thinking on where I'd like to go with her. There are a few embryos available from both her Renown and Recall mating. The Renown calves we have on the ground are pretty special. 

EPD's Here

Trendsetter Homestead 102 X Jauer Paxton 3227 7012

PVF Insight 0129 X Exar Princess 3851


minnie 1.jpg
Mc Crary Minnie 1908


Minnie was my son's show heifer. She's more than earned her place here on our Donor page. She is one of the easiest keeping cows we have. She is efficient and is easy doing. She is thick bodied while maintaining a very feminine front end, and she passes this on to her calves. They have been thick and wide and come with some style that only an insight daughter can produce. She passes her beautiful phenotype on to her calves.  She is one of the most docile cows I've had the pleasure of working with and her calves don't fall far from the tree. She is good milking, Stands on a solid foot, and has a nice square udder.  We flushed her to Sky High, Wingman, and BR Midland She has also had a natural born calf by brilliance. We bred her back to our son of Charlo and we are very excited about the outcome of this cross. After calving this spring we plan to take her back to the donor pen where we will breed her to Atlantis, and Defiance for sure. This cow has really impressed me at every turn, and with her first bull calf on the ground and looking phenomenal as a yearling and her ET calves making a statement, we know she has what it takes to make a top donor and producer here. 

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1908 X CHAR X-tra Easy 5611 0611


1908 X Wingman


1908 X Brilliance


Honorable Mention/Up and Coming Heifers. 

Bourland Jestress 0155​

This is a beautiful heifer that was showed successfully by my son last summer. She is a super feminine female that we hope will provide us with some really nice show heifers moving forward. She had a heifer out of our X-tra Easy 0611 bull in the fall and I was really impressed with how well she did raising that calf with the winter we had. Her calf is a little small but with 57+ inches of snow this winter and a grass hay ration she held her own. I pushed her to her limits, and she did alright. She is bred back to Defiance for a 2024 spring calf. This is a super complete heifer that may someday end up on our donor page. Time will tell. Her first heifer has some catching up to do, but I don't hate her, and we all know that sometimes heifers can struggle with their first, and we really did put this heifer to the test. We're excited to see what we end up with the Defiance mating and I think that she'll make us a really nice show calf to compete with, all while keeping with the idea that these cattle will have to work for a living. I think there will be big things to come from this heifer and as she matures and produces more calves, I think we'll really like what she makes. 

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Bourland Brazos 619 X Jas Jestress 526

Melon mature.jpg

0155 X CHAR X-tra Easy 5611 0611

Newt Tulip Profle.jpg
Dawson Ms Universal Girl 71​

This is one of our new heifers this year. She is big, she is flashy, and hopefully she makes a mark here at CHAR. She will be shown this summer by my son and hopefully retires to a long successful career of making babies as beautiful as she is. This is by far one of the prettiest most complete production-based heifers we have. She is a little bigger framed than we normally keep but hopefully she proves to be just as efficient as our current mothers, and I think she will make an excellent cross with some of our smaller framed bulls. She has bone, a good long hip, length of spine, and the ability to really bring something good to our program. She has an impeccable bag with a nice square udder. She is one of the biggest boned heifers we have and while she isn't the most feminine heifer we own; I think many of the bulls we have her to cross her with will really pretty her up. She is bred to High Class for 2024 and I think that is going to be a phenomenal calf. Depending on what we get from this cross we see her going back to some of the OCC greats as well as a few of our own OCC bred bulls we're keeping on sight. We have a Downpour son that I think might make a really great cross with her, and I think she'll go on to make the types of females that really excel in our program. She a step in a slightly different direction, but I think she has some good things to offer and look forward to her proving she deserves a place in our donor pen. 

EPD's Here

SAV Raindance x Dawson's Universal Girl 352

CHAR Allurinette 3568 2001


Allurinette is a very stylish older style female that we hope will make an impact here. She is by Renown and out of SAV Emblynette 3568. 3568 is an own daughter of SAV Emblynette 3301, the model cow of the Angus breed. 3301 has generated over $2 million in direct progeny sales. 3568 is a phenotypical standout- very feminine with a picture-perfect udder. Deep-sided and long-bodied,3568 is a beautiful brood cow has all the right angles. She is a cow to build a herd around and while we don't own her, we hope that her maternal excellence combined with the maternal excellence of Renown will produce a heifer that will follow in her parents' footsteps and that will continue to produce the type of cattle that we strive for around here. This heifer is everything her pedigree says she should be, stout, big footed, clean fronted, feminine, and deep in her flank. As she ages, I think she will only get better.  We feel that she will be an excellent addition to our herd and will one day make her own way to the donor page. Of all the breeding age cattle we have she is one that everyone needs to watch. She is going to end up being a powerful cow. 

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SAV Renown 3439 X SAV Emblynette 3568

Jauer Lad  1706 5611​

This cow is a moderate framed cow with a big top. She's produced several very nice calves for us in both our cross bred an purebred program. She extremely maternal, efficient as they come, and has a good solid udder. She had a beautiful ZWT Summit heifer for us this spring that is probably one of my favorite heifers this year.  I keep thinking I should put an embryo in her as she isn't the prettiest of cows, but she's a sleeper that you try to overlook, but time and time again has shown she can make some really great calves for us. We kept a bull calf of hers in production for several years on our heifers. Her Summit heifer will be staying in the program, and a few of her babies have gone on to other programs as replacement heifers. We bred her back to summit and I really hope she produces a heifer for us again. 

EPD's Here

Yardley Lad A472 X K R Focus 696U-1706-96

Summitt 5611_edited.jpg

5611 X ZWT Summitt

CHAR Summit Lad  6507 3611

5611 Has been a bit of a sleeper in our program, but boy oh boy did she knock it out of the park this year.  She has year after year delivered solid efficient cattle that have been used in our program over and over again without much recognition. She is 8 this year and shows no signs of slowing down. She is sound, she has a beautiful udder, and she walks on a good foot with good bone. She calves on time every year and has never been late. She has never been a front pasture type cow, but she has proven that she can produce solid good-looking calves that have met all our expectations and needs. This is a lovely heifer by ZWT Summit, and she is an outstanding individual that we are hoping will grow up as pretty as she looks now. This heifer is stout, well made and is absolutely stunning phenotypically. She is in a tough pasture with her mother and is going to post some pretty impressive growth numbers. 

EPD's Here

ZWT Summit 6507 X Jauer Lad 1706 5611

CHAR Blackbird 1441 3928

Bm Blackbird 928 Is a beautiful heifer who stands on a solid foot, has a big, beautiful udder and has one of the nicest phenotypes we could ask to add to our program. 928 was a successful show heifer and while Resource isn't widely known as a show type bull, we're hoping that this heifer will keep her mother phenotype while staying more with her sire's produce record. Either way with Resource as her father we're certain she'll be a heifer that will allow us to produce show heifers for the kids or beautiful seed stock on the flip side of the coin.  With the added maternal power of Resource, we hope to add a powerhouse heifer that could really change the direction of our program and make a lasting impression here for generations to come. This fall she has really come on and gotten thick. Look for current photos to come.  She will be bred to GCC Gold Standard for a 2025 calf. 

EPD's Here

S A V Resource 1441 X BM Blackbird 928 1831

CHAR Jupitor 7122 3079

079 has been in our program for as long as we have had a program. She has been a staple in our original crossbred program and at 13 years old she is still going strong. She stands on a wide base, has a big solid foot and is as sound as they come. She has an impeccable udder and has been a good mother from day one and in the years we've had her has not missed. You'd be hard pressed to find a cow with more volume than she has. She is as wide as she is tall and won't fit down many alleyways and in most chutes. When I say that she's powerful I truly mean powerful. Crossed on Jetset we can't wait to see what a beautiful powerful heifer this calf grows into.  Jetset is smoother than 079 and longer and you combine the cow families of these two animals we're hoping for a big wide smooth made heifer that will really produce the type of cattle we're looking to make. She had a bad run in with pinkeye and for a few weeks she was nearly blind and it set her back a bit, but she's comming on this fall and I think photos in 60 days will show a completely different heifer.She is a really nice heifer with a big future in front of her. Hoping to get a High class calf out of her in 2025. 

EPD's Here

Duff Jetset 7122 X Jauer Jupitor 5047 079

CHAR Madame Pride 9148 3142

The Madame Pride cow family needs no introduction, and landmark is a line bred bull that is by a son of resource out of a full sister to resource. Take the line bred blackcap may family and cross it on this beautiful pioneer daughter and we should have a power packed heifer that will produce some big-time cattle for us. We look for this heifer to be a game changer here. She may end up being a touch bigger framed than we like, but we think she'll make a prefect outcross for the OCC side of our program. Cross her on some of the OCC greats and I think we'll have powerhouse maternal cattle that really do some good for the industry and our program. We are excited to add the madame pride cow family to our program and expect big things from this heifer. 

EPD's Here

S  A V Landmark 9148 X S A V Madame Pride 0142

CHAR  Homestead  3439 3416

416 has always been a favorite of mine here. She is a moderate feminine cow who has been a standout since she arrived.  416 is a big milking cow who stands on a big foot and is powerful without losing her femininity. She is a beautiful cow and we bought her with the idea of making more like her. We crossed her on renown to add a little frame and maintain our powerful cow families and outcross them while trying to increase our weaning and yearling weights without losing our efficiency and maternal traits. We think this is a cross that will accomplish that and set us on the path to creating our vision. I couldn't have asked for a deeper, more feminine heifer. She is just one that makes you stop and stare. I'd have to say that this one is hands down my favorite heifer of the 2023 calf crop. I wouldn't hesitate to add her to our donor pen. 

EPD's Here

S A  V Renown 3439 X Jauer Homestead 7012 416

CHAR  Homestead  3439 3417

416 has always been a favorite of mine here. She is a moderate feminine cow who has been a standout since she arrived.  416 is a big milking cow who stands on a big foot and is powerful without losing her femininity. She is a beautiful cow and we bought her with the idea of making more like her. We crossed her on renown to add a little frame and maintain our powerful cow families and outcross them while trying to increase our weaning and yearling weights without losing our efficiency and maternal traits. We also are not looking to increase our frame size. We think this is a cross that will accomplish that and set us on the path to creating our vision. This heifer is not as big as her flush mate, however, there is little to complain about otherwise. I need to get some photos of her as well. She is one that I just didn't get any great photos of on photo day. I just flat missed her, but she's one that every time I see her, I grab out my calving book to see who she is. She may never get as big as her flush mate, but her mother has proven big things come in small packages, and I am really excited to see what she can do here. 

EPD's Here

S A  V Renown 3439 X Jauer Homestead 7012 416

CHAR  Jestress 0611 3155

0155 is a beautiful heifer that we have been excited to have in our program. She is a phenotypic standout and has proven she can raise a calf in the toughest of conditions. She has a good udder and stands on a good foot. She was bred to our heifer bull this year for an early calf and boy did they deliver. The winter was harsher than any we've ever had here and this calf is a touch small for her age, however, I have zero doubts she'll catch up and really be able to make nice cattle here. She should be able to produce nice correct calving ease bulls and with her looking much like her mother I expect we'll be able to raise some pretty nice show calves out of her. Many would've culled her but her counterparts out of good proven cows don't look much different, so we'll give her the chance to grow and see what comes of it. She didn't get anything extra this winter despite the horrid weather, and rather than keep her home and push her We'll let her develop a little more slowly on pasture. She might not grow quite as fast or recover her condition as quickly as she would've had I put her on grain, but she's well on her way to getting the size and condition she'll need for breeding season. 

EPD's Here

CHAR X-tra Easy 5611 0611 X Bourland Jestress 0155

Reference Donors

S A V Blackcap May 4517

S A V Blackcap May 4517 is a full sister to Resource, Renown, Recharge, Watson, McCombie, and Grant. She is an own daughter of S A V Blackcap May 4136, the #1 income-producing cow in Angus breed history. As of January 1, 2019, 4136 had generated $9.5 million in progeny sales, averaging over $49,000 on 191 direct sons and daughters in past SAV sales. 4517, following in her mothers footsteps had the #1 205-day weight heifer in the 2019 SAV sale. 4517 is an elite female with world-class udder quality, massive volume, power, and unsurpassed femineity rolled up into one package. Females like these are extremely rare and very hard to come by, and we are fortunate to have several calves by her from our ET program. 

EPD's Here

Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075 X S A V Blackcap May 4136

S A V Blackcap May 2554

S A V BLACKCAP MAY 2554 is a proven SAV donor from the world-famous Blackcap May cow family. 2554 is an own daughter of S A V 707 Rito 9969 and S A V Blackcap May 5530. 5530 is the mother of the highly successful sires Regard, Priority, Brand Name, and the Herbster Angus superstar, Cutting Edge.

2554 has a track record second to none with a weaning ratio of 5@108. She is the #5 ribeye female in the entire SAV herd. A high-weaning and yearling cow with abundant milk and outstanding production ability, 2554 is a no-miss female out of one of the greatest cows to walk the earth.

EPD's Here

S A V 707 Rito 9969 X S A V Blackcap May 5530

S A V Madame Pride 0412

SAV Madame Pride 0412 is a Pioneer daughter out of the legendary SAV Madame Pride 0075, who served in the SAV program for 18 years and produced $5.3 million on progeny averaging nearly $35,000. Her famous sons include Registry, Response, Hopper Bottom, Supercharger, and the $1.51 million dollar world-record selling AMERICA.

0412 produced SAV Infusion 4247, who was the $40,000 feature in the 2015 SAV sale and scanned a 365-day ribeye of 19.5 inches. Her daughter, SAV Madame Pride 3304, is the #1 ribeye cow in the SAV herd and serves as a 7th generation embryo donor. 0412 is a remarkable female- super feminine, long-fronted, wedge-shaped, and angular.

EPD's Here

S A V Pioneer 7301 X S A V Madame Pride 0412

S A V Emblynette 3568

S A V Emblynette 3568 is an own daughter of S A V Emblynette 3301, the model cow of the Angus breed.

3301 has generated over $2 million in direct progeny sales. Her herd sire sons include Momentum, Hesston, First Prize, Impact, Intent, and Drover.

3568 is a phenotypical stand-out. She’s very feminine and has a picture-perfect udder. She’s heavy milking and easy fleshing- a rare combination. 3568 has the best disposition you could ask for and is a female to build a herd around.

EPD's Here

S A V Mustang 9134 X S A V Emblynette 3301

BM Blackbird 928 1831

928 Is a beautiful cow with a strong udder and great maternal traits. She is a mating that we chose to help expand our small show cattle herd and when embryos out of Resource came available out of her we took a chance on 3. We ended up with two calves out of this mating and are very excited to see how they turn out. 

EPD's Here

Exar Lutton 1831 X BM Blackbird 328 603 5029

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