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Jauer Jupiter 5047 079


Big Momma, 079, is a beast of a cow. As a 5 frame cow she isn't tall, but what she lacks in height she makes up for in sheer volume. This is a big flat topped cow who's deep in her flank. She balanced and is nearly as wide as she is tall. She didn't get the name big momma by being small. She is an outstanding mother and a has a wonderful udder. She was be flushed to  GCC Recall 806D and Musgrave Stunner 316.  She's bred back to Duff Jetset for a fall calf.  Those embryos will be placed in 2022. We have a small offering of Musgrave Stunner Embryos availiable for purchase by PT

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OCC Jupiter 671J X Jauer 1020 Honesty 3069 5047


minnie 1.jpg
Mc Crary Minnie 1908


Minnie was my son's show heifer. She's more than earned her place here on our Donor page. She is one of the easiest keeping cows we have. She is thick bodied while maintaining a very feminine front end.  She has a beautiful Phenotype that we hope she passes on to her calves. She is one of the most docile heifers I've had the pleasure of working with. We hope that she produces beautiful show calves for the kids down the road. In addition to that she has more than proven she has what it takes to make beautiful production cattle as well. This heifer is big and soggy and wide. We plan to flush her to Sky High, Wing Man, and maybe think outside the box and flush her to Capitolist or Renown. This heifer has really impressed me at every turn. 

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PVF Insight 0129 X Exar Princess 3851


Jauer Homestead 7012 416

This cow is the definition of a belly dragger. She is BIG bodied, deep flanked, and flat topped. She's good on her feet and nice and quiet. She stacks the great OCC bulls Emblazon, Paxton and Anchor up close in her pedigree. She's as efficient as they come. She's not quite the beast of a cow that our 079 cow is but she has a ton of volume, is efficient and maintains a more femanine profile.  She was flushed to SAV Renown and Duff Jetset.She should be carrying a Brilliance calf for a fall arrival.  Since she's new to the program I'm going to do some more thinking.There are a few embryos availiable from both her Renown and Jetset matings. 

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Trendsetter Homestead 102 X Jauer Paxton 3227 7012

Honorable Mention/Up and Coming Heifers. 

Bourland Jestress 0155​

This is a beautiful heifer that was showed successfully by my son last summer. She is a super femanine female that we hope will provide us with some really nice show heifers moving forward. She is bred to GCC Gold Standard X 615 for a spring calf and I think we'll breed her back to Bravo for a 2023 calf. This is a super complete heifer that may some day end up on our donr page. Time will tell. With the Bravo  mating we hope to get her prodgney a little closer to the production side of things. We're excited to see what we end up with. 

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Bourland Brazos 619 X Jas Jestress 526


OCC Unmistakable X Jauer 159 Juneau 2604 6606

CHAR Don't Mistake Me 0606​

This is a big long bodied, big topped, soggy heifer that my daughter showed last year. She was not the ideal show heifer as she does lack some femanity but what she lacks in femanity she makes up for in sheer power, depth of flank, and capicity. She is quite literally a beast. She's  wide through her base and stands on a good foot and with her mother's impecciable udder we expect her to have the same. She was bred to GCC Gold Standard X 615 for a spring calf. ​She is bred to Net Worth for 2023.

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alice 1.jpg
Newt Tulip Profle.jpg
Dawson Ms Universal Girl 71

This is one of our new heifers this year. She is big, she is flashy, and hopefully she makes a mark here at CHAR. She will be shown this summer by my son and hopefully retires to a long successful career of making babies as beautiful as she is.This is by far one of the prettiest most complete production based heifers we have. She is a little bigger framed than we normally have but hopefully she proves to be just as efficient as our current mothers.  We have plans to breed her to Gold Standard for a 2023 calf. After that we hope to cross her back to some of the OCC greats and achieve a little smaller framed efficient cow with some good growth numbers without getting carried away. She a step in a slightly different direction but I think she has some good things to offer and look forward to her proving she deserves a place in our donor pen. 

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SAV Raindance x Dawson's Universal Girl 352

Jauer Lad  1706 5611

This cow is a moderate framed cow with a big top. She's produced several very nice calves for us in both our cross bred an purebred program. She extremely maternal, efficient as they come, and has a good solid udder. She should be carrying a Musgrave Stunner 316 for this spring and then we'll come back at her with either an embryo and use one of our hombred cleanup bulls on her, or shoot for a LD Capitolist and try to strech her out some. She isn't the prettiest of cows, but she's a sleeper you try to overlook her but as time has shown she's made some really great calves for us. 

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Yardley Lad A472 X K R Focus 696U-1706-96

BLY Ms Frozen Echo 092H​

This is a really cool Charolais heifer. We were looking for an outcross to get some hybrid vigor for our termal commercial program, and I think this heifer is a good start. She begain life as a buck calf and boy did she exceed everything we hoped for for her. She boasted good growth numbers and exceeded our expectations. Time will tell, but she may be one that ends up being a donor. I was and am  still grateful for the opportunity to have her. Not many breeders would've not only sold us a bucket calf but let us have the papers as well. They gave Emma her start in the white cows and we're always thankful for the opportunities we get. We're expecting a crossbred calf out of her and our X-tra Easy son. She'll be bred to DTR Mr. Brightside for a 2023 calf. We're super excited to have this opportunity. 

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WC Double Tree 6027 P X BLY Miss Echo 78E

BHC Ms Storm 119 P

Here is Emmas newest Char heifer. This is a really powerful heifer. She is very square hipped and has a lot of rib. She plans to show her this year and make some really pretty show babies out of her moving forward. When she's done she plans to make some really nice hybrid or seedstock cattle out of her. She may one day even earn her place in our donor pen. This heifer is a beast.This heifer will also be bred to DTR Mr. Brightside. 

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BHC Expo 609 P X BHC Ms Impressive 8017 P

BHC Ms Frost  148 P

This heifer is not quite a showy as her counter part but she is a good solid heifer that we plan to show first and then move her to our budding charolais program. She is super femanine and should produce some really nice solid cattle for the kids moving forward. She will be bred to LT Landmark for a 2023 calf and then the sky is the limit after that. We're excited about this cross and can't wait to see what we get. 

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LT Patriot 9312 PLD X BHC Ms Distance 919P

killer frost.jpg
Emma win.JPG
Newt and Killer Frost2.jpg