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Our Philosophy 

While everyone realizes the power of a good bull, the foundation of our program is our cows. This is where the heart is, and where we believe all greatness comes from. Take a look at our girls.  They are the foundation of our program and the ideal that we strive for. They are maternal, they are easy fleshing, they'll survive in any environment you choose to put them. These girls are low input and will make calves that will help keep your bottom line in the black, and they'll breed back year after year. Our budding bull program will hopefully help you to create calves that will perform well from the sale barn to the feedlot or as replacements for your herd. We want calving ease bulls whose calves hit the ground and GROW.  Both our crossbred and purebred bulls are bred with this in mind. Our crossbred heifers are no different. We want heifers that will not only be with you for years to come, but produce calves that help your bottom dollar. We strive for good udders, maternal instincts, and easy keepers who'll raise that big calf despite drought or cold or snow. A cow that won't abandon her calf from birth to weaning. We sometimes curse those old cows that refuse to be drove away from their calves at weaning, but we also don't lose calves and a live calf is helping to make profit. We want them to have a calf and then get to work making sure that calf not only survives but thrives.  We want every animal that leaves this place to be highly fertile and rebreed right away to help keep smaller calving windows and establish a more even crop for our producers.  We've been culling hard to establish just this in our cattle. 

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