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Current and Planned Litters

Here's our puppies. They're cute now but when they grow up they'll like nothing better than to have beef for dinner. We strive for tough gritty dogs that will hit both ends, that will be easy to train, but will also want to be family dogs. If you don't have cattle to work they're just as content to be companions, agility dogs or even frisbee dogs. Their outstanding athleticism serves them well despite their occupation. 

Charlie and Angus have their first litter for us FINALLY. After several years with no aussie puppies we're happy to welcome this lovely litter into the world. They should be tough cattle dogs that hit both ends and are happy to turnoff and be with the family. 

Charlie and angus are expecting heir second litter this fall. We couldn't have been happier with the first litter and they are growing into happy healthy dogs that fit in with the family or are out there pushing stock. We expect these to be the same.  PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED!

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