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Here's to the boys

The boys tend to be the backbone of the program. They are the ones out front and center that everyone sees. We emphasize the disposition on our male dogs. We don't want a boy that will run, we don't tolerate aggression towards people, and they must have a good work ethic and be driven to please. The bar is always high for the boys around here. 

Angus is the newest member of our adventure. He is a beautiful Red Mere with a split face. His is truly a handsome dog with wonderful conformation and a big heart. He loves the kids and for an aussie has an amazing amount of eye. He is strong on the head side and listens well. He has a bit of a late start as we just moved and it interrupted his formal training, but despite his lack of training, he still is able to anticipate my needs and does everything within his capacity to help me  get the job done. Now that we're settled we'll start back with formal training. I have no doubt He'll be an impressive dog to watch work. 


Rooster is retired. He has been neutered and now lives the life of a beloved pet. Rooster has been the dog that really sets the bar high around here. From moving cows, to hunting to babysitting, rooster is always front and center for the fun. He's my Velcro dog and isn't ever very far from where I am. He never wants to miss out. I'd call him a middle of the road as far as drive. He's pretty content to be a couch potato, but if there's something to do he wants to be involved. Rooster truly embodied everything we wanted to accomplish with our pups. 


Bear was to be our replacement for Rooster. He was kind and one of the prettiest Aussies I've ever had the pleasure of owning. He loved to herd cows, hung out with the boys, and was always up for a game of tag with the kids. Because of an unfortunate accident we will never see what Bear could do as a sire. The end of an era we will never be able to replace him, but he'll never be forgotten in our hearts. He was loved by all that knew him. He was often a bull in a china hutch, but he was always full of life and fun. See ya on the other side buddy. 

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